Biopuncture, also known as Acupoint Injection Therapy, is used to promote natural healing.
Biopuncture helps to reduce pain, inflamation and promotes detoxification when used with acupuncture.

Biopuncture can reduce pain and inflamation. It is used worldwide for muscular skeletal pain.
Biopuncture  promotes natural healing and helps reduce inflamation.
Dr. Oz has highlighted BioPuncture on his show!

What is biopuncture (also known as Acupoint Injection Therapy)

Micro-doses of homeopathic sterile solutions are injected into specific sites of the body.

Homeopathic injections do not suppress the neuro-immunological reactions or interfere with physiological defense systems of the body. Most of the injectable homeopathics are made from plants and/or minerals; they are diluted and sterilized. All injections are FDA approved, and the use of an injectable substance is used judiciously, and is not warranted for every patient. When we decide to use Injection Therapy, sterile disposable needles are used. Most injections are painless.

Biopuncture, or Acu-point Injection, successfuly treats many issues, ranging from headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff issues, tennis elbow, golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, periformis syndrome pain, sciatica, pulled hamstring or calf muscles, knee pain, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, plantar facitis and more …
I primarly use two homeopathic substances when utilizing Biopuncture.

Traumeel which has a proven ability to relieve pain and inflamation, according to controlled clinical trials. It targets inflamation without the adverse effects of conventional treatments, such as cortisone injections. Spascupreel is used to reduces the severity of muscle spasm which also helps to relieve pain. These two homeopathic preparations can either be used together or separately.

Biopuncture or Acu-point Injection Therapy requires extra training and certification as part of Florida Acupuncture Licensure.

Always check your practitioner’s creditials. Make sure he or she is licensed to perform Biopuncture. You can go to the Florida Board of Acupuncture part of The Florida Department of Health.

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