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How long does a treatment take? 

Each acupuncture treatment takes approximately one hour.

When you book an appointment you are booking a one-hour block of time with me for a treatment. If you arrive 20 minutes late, we’ll only have 40 minutes to complete the treatment. So being on time or early is best. However, at our first meeting I plan for an hour and a half, giving us both time to ask questions and fully understand the problems at hand.

Do you treat sports injuries and/or athletes? 

Yes I do! I’m also on staff at Cirque du Soliel’s La Nouba. I’ve worked with them sinse 2007. For more info about acupuncture and sports injuries/medicine go here.

How soon will I see results?

The short answer is, “It depends.” Most often with pain, you will leave feeling better at the end of a treatment. Sometimes change occurs over a few days. With chronic internal issues that you may have had for many years – the timeline is unique to you.

You may see results in unexpected ways: perhaps your skin clears up (but that wasn’t your main complaint), or you are less anxious, etc. It’s often amazing how the body starts to reclaim its health when given the chance.  For instance, some patients  who complain of insomnia may sleep better after the first treatment or they may find that during a course of treatments they slowly feel more rested, wake less during the night, and eventually slip into a normal sleep cycle that they may not have had for years.

Will acupuncture interfere with my medications?

Acupuncture will not interfere with Western medications. But it is important to inform your practitioner of any Western drugs that you are taking.

It’s also important to understand the side effects of drugs that you may be taking. I can’t completely help you with dizziness if that is a side effect of the blood pressure drug that you are taking.

However, when herbs are prescribed, it is important to keep your Acupuncture Physician fully informed of drugs you’re taking and any changes in what and how you are taking medications.

An Acupuncture Physician will never advise you to change or alter how you take your medications. That is between you and your prescribing physician.

What is Acupuncture. How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture uses ultra-fine surgical-grade needles and promotes healing by addressing muscle trigger points or muscular restrictions by increasing blood flow to a specific site. When muscular restrictions are removed, blood and the body’s own defense systems are allowed to repair tissue and regulate body defenses better.

There are still many theories on how acupuncture works. Its therapeutic action varies by an individual’s problem and how that problem manifests. Acupuncture can regulate the nervous system, by stimulating the release of neurochemicals such as endorphins and site specific immune responders. Acupuncture has also been shown to alter brain chemistry by mediating how some neurotransmitters and neurohormones are released. This may also effect parts of the central nervous system which in turn stimulates every part of one’s body – hormones, organs, facial tissue, muscles and more.

Though in use for more than 3000 years, acupuncture is based on evolving and ever-changing procedures. No specific style dominates; China, for example, has some 50 distinct styles and other countries have also created their own approaches (and so, too, has an American style of treating evolved).

Acupuncture has flourished in many countries due to its ability to heal without side effects, as well as being economical. Acupuncture is now, more than ever, available to a wide range of people who want a safe, natural and effective alternative for their healthcare.

How much does a treatment cost?

A patient-focused, one-hour treatment is $120.

Some practitioners leave you alone and treat other patients during your treatment – I do not do this. I treat only one patient at a time. I stay with you monitoring your treatment, I utilize acupuncture, massage, stretching and other techniques to improve your health and relieve your pains.

Initial visit and follow up treatments are all charged at the same rate. I accept credit cards, checks, and of course cash.

Does Acupuncture work for fertility issues?

Yes! Acupuncture has been used for many years for fertility issues. Go here for more info about Acupuncture and fertility.

Do I have to ‘believe’ in acupuncture for it to work.

Belief in acupuncture is not a requirement.

Acupuncture is not a religion or a cult, you are not asked to join anything, chant or walk into the abyss. Acupuncture is not a belief based medicine. I understand that Acupuncture works very effectively on animals and I don’t know any way to suggest to my dog “look I’m spending a lot of money on this, you feel better right!” A desire to get well helps (as does a positive attitude in most things) and an ability to laugh politely at my humor is really more important.

How are Acupuncture Physicians trained?

Acupuncture physicians attend colleges across the United States that offer comprehensive training in Oriental Medicine (acupuncture & herbal formulas) and relevant Western concepts of biomedical clinical theories and practices.

Many programs are a  Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine with students engaged in full time study for four years. The four year programs are over 3400 hours of training in both classroom and clinical settings. All graduates have over 800 hours of clinical training and have treated a large range of patients under the guidance of a qualified and licensed practitioner.

To attain licensure, Acupuncture Physicians, must apply and be judged qualified to then take national board exams (NCCAOM is the testing body). There are national board tests in Western BioMed, Chinese Medicine Foundations, Acupuncture, and Herbal Formulas. Without passing the appropriate tests one cannot become licensed to practice in Florida.

Continuing education is required throughout ones career as an Acupuncture Physician to remain licensed.

I saw Dr Oz speak about Biopuncture for pain. Do you do Biopuncture?

Yes I do! Biopuncture, also called Acupoint Injection therapy, it is a great tool that I incorporate into my practice. For more information go here.

What about safety of needles and herbs etc?

Your safety is paramount. All needles are one time use only. Made from high quality surgical stainless steel, factory sterilized and sealed in blister packs.

Clean needle techniques and proper precautions are always in use.  I use only select herbs and supplements that have been processed in the United States. All herbs have been tested for adulterants.

  • All homeopathics are made in FDA regulated facilities.
  • All injections are from FDA regulated facilities.
  • Any massage creams/oils that are used are also organic

Should I do anything special before or after my acupuncture treatment?

You don’t need to do anything special for a acupuncture treatment with me.

If it’s your first treatment I would suggest not planning a yoga or bootcamp class right afterwards. If you’ve never had a treatment before it’s best to know how your body will respond before taxing it in extremes ways.  Also make sure you’ve eaten within a few hours of a treatment and afterwards please hydrate (drink water), it’s surprising how much ones body needs water to promote good health.

Do you accept insurance?

I currently accept Cigna Insurance for Disney employees.

If you’re not a Disney employee covered thru Cigna. I’m happy to provide you with a receipt that you can present to your own insurer for reimbrsement.

Do I need to be Chinese?

Acupuncture is for everyone! I had my first treatment when I was sixteen years old and I have a patient who is ninety one years old now.

Acupuncture is found all around the world and offered in community clinic settings or the most exclusive spas. So no you don’t have to be Chinese, but if you like Chinese food I can recommend Pei Wei’s spicy chicken dish – Yum!​

My friend had acupuncture recently, her treatment was very different from mine. Why is that?

Each treatment is designed to be specific to the individual at that point in time.

Headaches (for example) can be very unique to the person.  They can be sharp or throbbing, can be frontal or behind the eyes or moving etc, headaches can come on sudden or gradual or only in the morning or made better with cold or with hot or ….you get the idea. Western medicine likes to give broad labels, but in each label is a wide range of how the disease affects you personally. That’s what concerns me the most is, “how does this disease manifest with you, how are you affected?”

Are there side effects?

When compared to most Western drugs, acupuncture is tremendously safe when applied by a skilled physician.

Generally, an occasional bruising can occur. Also some patients may feel faint during treatment, usually when the needles are removed the feeling dissipates.

Is all Acupuncture the same?

No not all acupuncture is the same. There are different styles from different countries (China, Japan, Korea, etc.) and also there are different schools of thought in each of those countries on how to treat disease.

I practice more of a Japanese meridian style using Hara diagnosis (palpating of the abdomen) and incorporating trigger point therapy (a very western approach to release fascia and muscular restrictions). It’s always a good idea to ask when shopping around what style is being used. Some practitioners treat four patients at one time and require you to take herbs and sign up for an extended period. I work with one patient at a time, I monitor your response and may suggest herbs to supplement the treatment. I do not sign you up for multiple treatments in advance, I treat what I see and feel at each treatment.


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